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Fresh and nutritious sea food items like Lobsters, Fishes and Shrimps, available at highly competitive price points.

About us

With more than half the population on the face of this planet depending upon the sea for their nutritional requirements and their fulfillment, sea food can be called the biggest feeder and is highly advocated as a better alternative for diet, thanks to the treasure trove of health benefits it offers. Nothing can match the sheer variety of delicacies that can be made from Sea Foods. Chris Sea Food brings to you an exhaustive range of sea food items like fresh tuna fish, cured fish, cuttle fish, shrimp etc. whose freshness and high quality standards are unmatched and are nowhere else to be found in the market.

Our company was founded in the year 2016 with the vision of bringing these naturally occurring reserves of nutrients to the masses and augment their health, and thanks to the guidance of our leaders at the helm of company, we have made quite a name as an emerging Supplier and Trader of products such as Lobster, Crab, Tuna Fish, Cuttle Fish and Shrimp among others.

Benefits of Sea Food

One cannot count the health benefits of sea food on fingers for two simple reasons, first, there are too many of them and newer benefits being discovered on a regular basis and second, the sheer variety of edible fishes and other species, each of whom have their own hefty set of health boosting traits and effect on body systems. Most well known of their attributes is the richness of sea food in 'Omega 3 Fatty Acids' which significantly boost brain development and and keep a number of cardiovascular diseases at bay. In addition to the aforesaid, there are a number of other health benefits of sea food too, a few of those are mentioned below:

  • Provide high amount of essential nutrients
  • Keep the heart healthy
  • Excellent for joints
  • Help maintain good eyesight
  • Highly beneficial for skin
  • Potent anti-depressants
  • Good for the immune system
Why Us?

We have achieved remarkable success and won acclaim from all corners of the demand demographics thanks to the peerless quality standards of our sea food offerings which far ace the ones offered by our contemporaries in terms of freshness and taste as well as flavor, which makes theme perfect for lip smacking delicacies. Being specific about quality attributes, we assure you that they do not exhibit any signs of discoloration, freezer burn marks and surface drying, neither do they give any form of smell that is usually associated with sea food as we make sure that our batches have been cleaned and stored in sub-zero environs to prevent any form of bacterial growth and degradation, which is why they are highly demanded. Furthermore, the fishes we offer have been harvested in a conflict free manner and are of uniform size and weight with special care taken to ensure that no underdeveloped or similar looking ones of different species do not mix up in the groups, and are thus accordingly sorted with high vigilance and care taken during the process.